Side-Firing Cabin Subwoofer

ALTO ASW-724 Side-Firing Cabin Subwoofer is an integral part of the ALTO Aviation Entertainment System (AES), a complete audio system in which the amplifiers and speakers are customized and matched to the acoustics of the aircraft to provide the finest audio available.

P/N: 106511-724-4A0001

  • High power bass reflex subwoofer module.
  • Designed for placement where availability of cross-sectional area between the subwoofer mounting location and the cabin is minimal as in cabinets, under divans, or beds.
  • Enclosure combines direct radiating woofer energy and bass-reflex port energy into a single aperture.
  • Very low-profile coupling to the cabin listening space.
  • High excursion 5.25” driver.
  • High output.
  • Lower frequency bass roll off.
  • Lightweight motor structure of the driver.
  • 5.25” high excursion, low magnetic leakage, high force design.
  • Weight 5.6 lbs / (2.54 kg)
  • Dimensions 16.0”W X 12.0”H X 4.1”D (406.4mm W X 304.8mm H X 104.1mm D)
  • Frequency Response 30Hz – 200Hz

Installation and Operating Manual

 Product Manual