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Customized premium cabin audio solutions designed for each cabin’s specifications.

Our audio systems are standard equipment in most major OEMs

From the lightest jets to VVIP aircraft, we provide an unrivaled audiophile listening experience.

Imagine immersing yourself in the sound of the most acoustically advanced home entertainment system. Now imagine that same feeling at 40,000 feet. At ALTO Aviation, we are all about delivering the most amazing listening experience, known as ALTO Sound™.  We customize each cabin enveloping each seat in rich, realistic, sound.  All ALTO audio systems and CadenceCabin Management System are designed to elevate your senses to a new dimension when only the highest audiophile sonic performance is good enough for your ears.


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Our company designs, manufactures, and distributes premium cabin audio systems, including amplifiers, entertainment loudspeakers, and subwoofers.
Our premium cabin audio systems seamlessly envelop your cabin with the most powerful sonic experience in Business Aviation.
We are unrivaled leaders in OEM and retrofit aircraft installations with more than 5ooo business jets flying our skies with our systems.
For over two decades we have been leading the Business Aviation industry customizing each cabin, enveloping each passenger with rich and realistic sound designed with your specifications in mind.
We are the only company the provides proprietary customized onsite cabin audio tuning to optimize sound characteristics with your cabin floorplan.
As part of this tuning, an ALTO cabin systems engineer acoustically maps the full interior of your aircraft and adjusts the digital amplifier and speaker locations to define the optimal performance characteristics of each audio & entertainment system.
All our components are TSO certified.

More than 7000 aircraft fly with ALTO audio systems; we remain fully committed to wow all our customers.

System components include very high efficiency mid/high-frequency enclosures, high output subwoofer enclosures, and powerful yet lightweight amplifiers with pre-set custom integral equalizer and crossovers, depending on model and floor plan.
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