Welcome to ALTO Sound™

Premium cabin audio designed with your aircraft in mind.

OEM Line Fit Audio Systems

Envelop your cabin with the most powerful sonic experience customized for all aircraft in Business Aviation.

Our exclusive line of audio systems have been designed by the ALTO engineering team to deliver reference level performance, known in the industry as ALTO Sound™, by adapting to each cabin’s requirements, and providing to the VIP and every passenger in the cabin with an impeccable audiophile listening experience.

We design the smallest and lightest components.

Our cabin audio systems engineers have developed over the years a full line the smallest and lightest fully-certified, and state-of-the-art loudspeakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and PA systems available for all aircraft and cabin configurations in Business Aviation.

Over 22 years committed to wow each customer.

From the lightest jets and turboprops to the VVIP aircraft, for over twenty years, ALTO Aviation has designed, manufactured and distributed thousands of custom cabin audio systems for most major OEM and retrofit aircraft, bringing no-compromise, audiophile quality sound to each one of our customers who demand the most powerful and outstanding audio performance at 40,000 ft. of altitude.

Unrivaled audiophile listening experience.

Years of research and innovation allow us to by providing an unrivaled customized immersive listening experience for each cabin. Experience realistic sound in all your movies, videogames, sports, and music. Multizone technology allows our engineers to design the most advanced sound for each area of your cabin resulting in the most powerful and amazing sonic experience available in Business Aviation.