CadenceSystem Master Controller (SM-1070)

Allows PED based wireless control

 ALTO CadenceSystem Master controller (SM-1070) links aircraft CMS components with various communication protocols. Provides remote control (via PED) of components using the existing Wi-Fi or LAN system onboard.

Interconnectivity between devices provides for a simpler, more flexible, and capable user experience. Devices supported include but are not limited to:

ALTO Forte amplifiers, ALTO Acapella speaker and headphone amplifiers, ALTO relay, temperature, cabin call controllers.

Blu-Ray players, Innovative Advantage AVDS node, Infrared remote controls.

Provides control of a variety of digital devices using ALTO’s Cadence keypads.

Supports PED based remote control with IOS or Android operating systems

PED based control options

Touch screen solutions

Rosen 10.1″ touch screen

Cadence™ Cabin Management System capabilities

PED based control via IOS or Android, Customizable passenger controls, Relay and Temperature controllers

Cabin audio selectors, Entertainment amplifiers with PA option, High Fidelity speakers

Headphone audio distribution, HD video monitor and distribution

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