ALTO MySound™

Select your audio mode: VIP Focus Surround, VIP Row Surround or Full Cabin Stereo. Introducing new Podcast mode.

It’s your jet, your seat, and now, your sound choice.

Select your sound with ALTO cabin control app or with a fit-compatible keypad.

“From the source of the digitally recorded music, all the way to the ear of the listener, ALTO makes sure there are no compromises. We team up with OEM cabin engineers and retrofit installers to position the ALTO loudspeakers for optimum acoustic performance. We measure the acoustics of the cabin from each speaker to each seat, and use state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing in the ALTO amplifiers to insure that every nuanced tone that originally came from YoYo’s Cello, or Dinah’s voice, or Neil’s drums arrives at your ears exactly as they left the artist’s instrument.”

Steve Scarlata, VP Engineering / R&D

ALTO MySound™ brings a new level of audio selection to any seat in the passenger cabin.

VIP Focus™ re-maps the cabin loudspeakers for an unrivaled Surround-Sound experience focused on the chosen seat.

VIP Row™ envelops the VIP seats in full acoustic immersion with the touch of a button or with the ALTO cabin control app.

Digitally align the woofers for enhanced bass impact and headroom.

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