Tablet Holders / Articulating Arms for PEDs

New Base Receptacles with USB/Dual USB options


ALTO Aviation tablet holders are designed with simplicity in mind. In a strategic partnership with MyGoFlight, ALTO offers a mount that is 100% fit compatible with Rosen Plug-In bases. The universal mount is designed to drop into Rosen circular Micro D-Sub or Pogo Pin existing bases. It is fully compatible with all MGF devices holders, allowing an array of mounting provisions for PED. 

  • Articulates in all directions. Assembly available in 6″ and 1″ height.
  • Three independent joints adjustable and lockable from a single, centrally located control know.
  • Easy & convenient partial loosening and precise device positioning.
  • Once locked, it securely stays in the desired position with no compromises.
  • Unrivaled price.


Installation and Operating Manual

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