ALTO Cadence Cabin Management System: New & Replacement solutions

ALTO Cadence Cabin Management System is an affordable modular Cabin Management System aimed at business jets in need of a new, cost-efficient solution in Cabin Management as well as aircraft facing obsolescence and looking for a competitive upgrade replacement. ALTO Cadence CMS offers a budget-friendly approach focusing on functionality while providing the cabin with a completely innovative system.

This fit compatible solution preserves furnishing and veneers by directly replacing old switches with the versatile and customizable new ALTO Cadence Switch System (CSS), consisting of modular switch panels using discrete logic that doesn’t require any complex software.

Designed in-house by ALTO engineers, our new CMS offers the retrofit aircraft market with a budget-friendly solution in Cabin Management. ALTO Aviation’s new Cabin Management System is based on simplicity without compromising excellence in performance or features.

One of the key features of this Cabin Management System is modularity. This approach allows us the ability to phase the upgrades based on scope and budget. The switch panels can also be upgraded to include USB charging and HDMI input. ALTO’s Cadence Switch System controls every aspect of the cabin systems including audio, HD video, temperature, lighting, window shades, Attendant call, Galley and Lavatory functions, and many more.

A smartphone/PED App is in development that will provide an elegant, full-featured graphic interface to all components. We design and manufacture all the passenger controls, relay & climate controllers, premium audio systems, interface electronics, and accessories.

Through solid partnerships, ALTO provides integration with third-party premium HD monitors, audio/video distribution, and A/V source equipment resulting in a completely customizable, fit compatible, high performing, and budget-friendly Cabin Management System.

  • A true budgetfriendly, fit compatible solution. 
  • Preserve furnishing and veneers. 
  • Directly replace old switches with new ALTO Cadence Switch System, using discrete logic & no software. 
  • Modularity allows flexibility of the upgrade path. 
  • Repurpose switch panels with relocated functionality, USB chargers, and HDMI ports. 
  • Compatible with upcoming appbased technology. 
  • Available for all Corporate, Private and VVIP jets and helicopters in Business Aviation. 

CMS Replacement Solutions

Target Aircraft with Obsolete CMS

  • Pacific Systems Cabin Management Systems
  • GIV, GV, G150, G200, Citation X
  • Audio International Cabin Management Systems
  • Challenger 601 & 604, Falcon 50 & 900 Hawkers
  • Baker Cabin Management Systems
  • Challenger 601, Falcon 50, & Legacy 600

ALTO Cadence Switch System

  • 100% compatible switch panels
  • No woodwork required
  • Lower-cost alternative for CMS replacement
  • Discrete control, no system software
  • Minimal downtime for system installation
  • Include scalable IFE upgrades in the design
  • HD & non-HD available