Replaces Audio International, Pacific Systems, Baker, Airshow, Lufthansa Technik Cabin Management Systems

GIV, GV, G200, G150, G100, Astra 1125

Citation X

Challenger 601, 604 & 605

Falcon 20, 50 (EX), 900 (B,C, EX) & 2000 (EX)

Cadence™ Cabin Management System capabilities

Customizable for all aircraft in Business Aviation at unrivaled price

Seamless integration with Honeywell Ovation& Rockwell Aerospace Venue™ CMS

Cabin audio selectors, relay & temp controllers

Entertainment amplifiers with PA option

High Fidelity speakers

Headphone audio distribution

HD video monitor & distribution

PED based control via IOS or Android

Easily repurpose controls: add USB & HDMI.

Pre-configured passenger controls provide the fastest response in the industry

Product Documentation

Cadence™ CMS installation samples

Over 250 systems already installed in all aircraft types, including Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Falcon aircraft