Extraordinary powerful bass performance.
Versatile mounting options for immersive experience.
Lightest and smallest subwoofer.

Cabin Subwoofer 
P/N: 106511-289

  • Lightest weight.
  • Highest power bass reflex subwoofer.
  • Designed for placement in luxury seat bases, divans, bulkheads, sidewalls, or cabinets.
  • High excursion 4” driver.
  • High output.
  • Lower frequency bass roll off.
  • Weight <3.0 lbs (1.4 kg)
  • Dimensions 10.0”W X 11.0”H X 2.75”D 254.0mm W X 279.4mm H X 69.9mm D
  • Frequency Response 40Hz – 200Hz

Installation and Operating Manual

 Product Manual    Assembly Drawing