Why Choose ALTO

High-End Cabin Audio Systems

  • We offer the most complete line of loudspeakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, surround system, passenger interface controls, and page/chime speakers, including stand-alone systems that do not require IFE or CMS support.
  • ALTO audio systems are standard equipment on most major OEM, and the preferred choice for aftermarket / retrofit installations. All our systems are DO-160 tested and hold TSO Certification. ALTO audio systems are engineered and manufactured in the US, and distributed worldwide.

Ouststanding Audio at 40,000 ft.

  • ALTO’s proprietary Acoustic MappingTM, nVELOPTM digital surround sound and custom tuning provide each aircraft with the highest level of sound performance at 40,000 ft. More than 2,000 ALTO audio systems are currently flying the skies.
  • Every ALTO audio system is custom designed and acoustically contoured specifically for each cabin installation to achieve a powerful audio experience that rivals the best home and theater systems.

Great Customer Service & Support

  • Our dedicated teams of acoustic engineers and customer service professionals are passionate and fully committed to providing each cabin with outstanding sound quality and excellent service 24/7.

  • We are committed to continue our leadership in the field by strengthening the partnerships with our clients, developing new technologies, investing in research & product development, and investing in establishing co-op opportunities to train college students who seek a career in audio engineering.

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