“When the customer approached us looking for an Entertainment System with exceptional sound, we knew ALTO was the only real solution especially when we learned that the client has a highly developed ear for music. His tastes also rolled over in to aesthetics and everything had to be beyond brilliant. Our team, in partnership with the ALTO staff, delivered the aircraft on-time with incomparable visual and audible results. The customer directly stated that the system and the installation exceeded his every expectation. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing those words from our customers!”

Tony Bailey, President / COO Spirit Aeronautics

“We had the obsolete Bose® system in our G-IV SP replaced with the new digital ALTO Direct ReplacementTM Sound System in conjunction with a Rockwell VenueTM installation. The install was done by Gulfstream Long Beach. The system sounds incredible and rocks the house. It is the best sounding system we have ever heard in an aircraft. It has performed perfectly and would rate it a 10 out of 10. We highly recommend this audio system.”

Jeff Winslow, President, JET AMG, LLC

“Our experience with ALTO Aviation is excellent. The owner of our aircraft, a Falcon 900, loves electronics and great audio in the cabin. ALTO fulfilled our client's request by installing eight subwoofers. This is the most outstanding and clearest sound we’ve ever heard in an aircraft. ALTO sound system was fully customized to our client’s needs, which makes it easier to present to other clients. We constantly get positive reviews and our clients love the listening experience.”

Jan Sutton Smith, Jones Management Aviation

“I installed the ALTO PA system and cabin speakers in my Phenom 100 a couple of years ago and absolutely love it. The sound quality is absolutely phenomenal and passengers are soothed by the music in the cabin without the need for earphones. The passengers can control the music volume and also play their own music using an aux input. The PA option is absolutely terrific. It adds a professional, airline-like option to inform your passengers of any issues regarding the flight. The ALTO PA/music system is a must – I don’t know how I survived so long without it!”

Michael Alper, Embraer Phenom Owner and Pilot

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