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  • ALTO Aviation R&D offices and lab are located in Jupiter, Florida. The state-of-the-art facility houses a testing lab, further supporting in-house DO-160 testing and TSO certification testing. An aircraft cabin mockup is in place for use in advanced acoustic research. The facility also houses an electrical RF screen room to be used for EMC evaluation and certification testing on new product designs.

  • ALTO acoustic engineers understand that each business jet owner expects their aircraft to meet the highest audio standards. Our goal is to find the most advanced technologies to provide the most amazing and crystal clear sound, our signature ALTO SoundTM.


Audio Aircraft System Design

  • ALTO Aviation R&D lab has developed sophisticated proprietary design software, as well as custom designed speakers and electronics, specifically created to optimize each audio system. Our innovative design approach involves: complete acoustic mapping of the aircraft cabin, careful selection of system components, and guidance in optimal cabin installation.

  • Our digital amplifiers embrace Class D technologies to bring the coolest, lightest weight amplifiers to the industry. Our complete disregard for the traditional and embracing a new paradigm of sound design has allowed our systems to exceed customer expectations.


Speaker Placement & Grill Design

  • Speaker placement is critical to achieving the best sound profile in the cabin. The difference between a good system and an awesome system lies in the placement of speaker enclosures. New external cosmetic friendly grills are available with specific speaker enclosures. These grills may be painted or plated depending upon material selection.

  • It is critical that a speaker grill is properly designed to allow the sound through. Perforated metal or wire-mesh is a popular choice and usually yields positive results. Thin acoustically transparent fabric can be stretched and glued over a perforated grill or panel but it is important to maximize the holes and ensure that air can flow through. Alto Engineers will gladly help to evaluate samples to find the best solution.


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