ALTO Onsite Tuning

Custom Tuning for all Audio Systems

  • ALTO Aviation will assign an acoustic engineer to your project. Once on site, the first step is verify that all the speakers are working properly and are in phase.
  • A sound test impulse is sent to each speaker to insure that the speaker polarity has been wired properly. Once the speakers have been validated, the next step is to position a high precision microphone at each seat location at ear level.

Cabin Audio Performance Evaluation

  • The system is injected with a series of test impulses and the resulting sound field is recorded. This recording includes all reflections in the cabin, absorption of frequencies caused by furnishings, coverings whether fabric or leather and any speaker phasing. This recording process is performed for every seat in the aircraft.
  • This new configuration will define the performance characteristics of the system and will be totally customized to a specific project.


Onsite Digital Audio Design

  • Once all the seats have been recorded, the results are then ported into a proprietary algorithm to define the acoustical mapping of the full interior. Once this new database has been created, it is loaded into the digital amplifier.
  • ALTO Aviation offers tuning for every system it delivers. Please contact us for more details about tuning offering.



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