Digital Surround Sound


Digital Surround Sound for Every Seat

  • Designed to envelop every seat in rich sound at 40,000 ft., ALTO designs and manufactures an unrivaled digital surround sound system that mitigates the challenges of the harsh cabin environment and allows the VIP and every passenger in the cabin to enjoy the most powerful and optimal sonic performance.

  • Custom equalization specific to every aircraft model and floor plan. Amplifier and speakers add spatial enhancements to bring the full movie and live concert experience to all seats in the cabin.



Center Stage Experience at 40,000 ft.

  • Conventional home type surround decoder systems are not optimal for the aircraft cabin. They are designed for a large living room where the seats are centered amongst the speakers, which can’t be done in the aircraft.

  • Implementation of conventional type surround decoding in the cabin results in severe compromises for most of the passengers. Using proprietary surround decoding techniques, ALTO revolutionized aircraft cabin audio by creating the ALTO nVELOPTM Digital Surround System to provide true surround sound for the VIP and every passenger in the cabin.



Custom Design for Your Aircraft Cabin

  • Proprietary surround decoding process takes into account off-center monitors and seating. Frontal sound imaging with rear surround for forward and aft facing seats. Easy upgrade from ALTO EliteTM Audio System.

  • This processor has been designed exclusively with the challenges of the aircraft cabin in mind. In addition to providing the theater feel for video, the decoding used by ALTO will enhance music recordings with no switching needed.

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