Front Row. Center Stage. 40,000 feet.

ALTO nVELOP™ Surround Sound On-Demand

Immerse your cabin in acoustic perfection

  • Our signature ALTO nVELOP™ Surround Sound On-Demand brings the ultimate audiophile home theater experience to all aircraft in Business Aviation.
  • ALTO acoustic experts have conducted extensive research in the area of surround and immersive 3D sound decoding in the cabin.
  • Customized for each cabin.
  • Proprietary surround process.
  • Takes into account off-center monitors and seating.
  • Frontal sound imaging w/rear surround for fwd and aft-facing seats.
  • Easy upgrade from ALTO standard audio system.

Individual or zone stereo mode

  • Customized divan stereo modes.
  • Immerse the entire zone with cross-mirrored stereo.
  • Right, and Left channels are always correct relative to your seating position.
  • Each seat can have its own customized stereo pair behind the listener’s head.
  • This mode allows individual music sources and sound masking for each seating position.

Immersive Surround Imaging

  • Smooth multi-channel sound image with pin-point effects placement.
  • Supports multiple surround and effect channels.
  • Ability to seamlessly blend the sound image.
  • Provides immersive realism.

Improve Sound Image balance

  • Speakers strategically installed near the listener’s head are attenuated while the opposite channel is amplified and steered across the cabin to complete a balanced, centered, stereo image on each seat.