Acoustic MappingTM

ALTO VeriCompTM System

  • Consistency in manufacturing is ensured through 100% product testing using ALTO Aviation’s proprietary VeriCompTM system, which was developed to continually verify acoustic and electronic performance.

  • ALTO Aviation acoustic engineers have developed sophisticated proprietary design software to acoustically map the interior of an aircraft. This technology enables engineers to choose the optimum speaker and speaker location to determine the best sonic performance for each cabin.


ALTO Distortion Limiter CircuitTM

  • Once installed, it utilizes our proprietary Distortion Limiter CircuitTM, which allows full volume operation without the harsh distortion. To ensure the highest level of quality, all amplifiers and loudspeakers are designed and tested to DO-160 standards.

  • System components include high efficiency mid/high frequency enclosures, high output subwoofer enclosures and powerful, yet lightweight amplifiers. ALTO’s custom measurement process defines unique equalization and crossovers for each specific aircraft, which is implemented via digital signal processing inside the amplifier.


ALTO VerifierTM

  • The ALTO VerifierTM is a tablet based audio analysis and configuration tool designed to help the installer ensure that the ALTO audio system is properly installed and functioning perfectly.

  • Using an attached microphone, the ALTO VerifierTM proprietary software will guide the installer through a step-by-step process to identify and test each loudspeaker in the cabin, measure the audio performance in each seat, and ensure that the audio system is properly configured and ready to deliver a perfect ALTO listening experience tailored to the needs of each customer.

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